Thursday, November 26, 2009



Was it the wind
Or my heart sounding
My tender heart
Both curse and joy to me
Was it the wind that sighed
Was it the wind
Or did my ear hear
What wasn't there
Oh Nicky, child born out of time
Are you happy in the land where children go
Do they take good care of you
Silly grandmom thoughts
So quickly was your candle gone
We had no time for Peek-a-boo
Or to be bored with childish games
No could you con me out of ice cream cones
Or dollars
But I miss you
Perhaps I miss you because
No one should be so lonely
As not to be missed
So I will keep vigil with you child
Who never hurt me except in passing
In the land where children go
Who never grow
And always happy be
Remember me

Frank a vollmer

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