Wednesday, December 21, 2011


“Jim, Christianity has nothing to do with racism.”
That's what my church elder told me when I was a 15-year-old boy. Can you believe that? “That's political, and our faith is personal,” he said.
That's the night I left my church.
Jim Wallis
President and CEO, Sojourners
(a magazine dedicated to faith in action for social justice)

Come Lord Jesus

I hope when all the sentimentality of Christmas is over
That Jesus receives in his stocking
Real food not pap
That men need each other to survive
That the social gospel
Is the gospel
Not an addendum

As we gather in warm churches
Many are cold
As we receive the lord
Many are hungry
As we showoff our Christmas finery
Many are naked
As we celebrate family
Many are lonely
As we think of a child forced to flee to Egypt
Many will not accept the stranger in our midst

We have been taught a narrow image of religion
So that many wonder what happened to the message of Christ

The straw in the manger is prickly
So should be our conscience

Come lord Jesus
Really come
Not as we imagine
But really come

Frank A Vollmer

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