Tuesday, November 17, 2009


two machines

two important machines
for the treatment of cancer
are the pet scan and cat scan
cute names for a serious BUSINESS
to search for the demon
that lies within
to measure it
to see if has grown
or is stable
it is a marvel
to see my innards
and my demon

I praise you
because I am fearfully
wonderfully made

your works are wonderful,

I know that full well

but who i am
the unique
creation of god
they cannot find

after they have measured me
weighed me
figure my bone density

analyze my blood
tell me what i’m lacking
or have too much
or how my blood sugar
has been
for the last three months

know my allergies

and my medicine
they do not know me
they cannot tell me
who i am

you have searched me and you know me

Search me, O God
and know my heart; test me
know my anxious thoughts
if there is any offensive way
in me lead me
in the way everlasting

but what is man
that you should care for him
you have made him
little less than the gods

you have given him powers
to think
to heal
to love

powers far beyond

love me
love me
he asks
i have loved you
you were in your mother’s

in the beginning
god created
heaven and earth
he created man
he loved his creation
he said
that’s good

frank a vollmer

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